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What Is This Site About?

Posted by Luis Ezcurdia on Wed, Feb 4, 2015
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Hi! everyone I am Luis and I am always trying something new, on this ocation I found myself with a terrible web presence so I decided to build a personal site aka blog. It might be a little bit late to do that but here I am making more noise on the internet.

YAAGB Yes!! Another Awesome Geek Blog

Why start a blog? the answer is simple I Markdown, and always found myself thinking about to post something interesting but I wasnt happy to any platform, but recently I found this awesome tool to build static sites like the old jekill but this time on go its called hugo wich is suprisely fast ans simple, and since github is so nice with github pages… so why not?

Why english?

I could post something on spanish, because its my native language, but if my main topics are on computer science tips and things that I found interesting and if you are in the industry and you don’t read nothing on english just because is not your native language YOU definitely will die of starvation, most of the online content is on english. But I am open to write on spanish too.

Only Geek posts?

Nah I hope to get some other topics, but most of the time it will be things that I learned or have been thinking. Or pictures that I have been taking…. like this one

Morning Fishing

Everthing is Awesome?

I know myself very well I have this tendency of never finish projects…. and In this time it wont be the exception so Everything is in progress wich mean that everthing is on continous improvement.

Morning Fishing