Lessons Learned from a computer graphics background

The dream from almost all computer nerd is to make his own video game, unfortunately this goal is harder than we though. It turns that is not only required a computer science knowledge, but an additional amount of skills, from complex math to 3d modeling and game design. When I finished college, I realized that if I wanted to build a video game I will need to work with a big team to build a good one, or at least have some artistic gifts(which I don’t have).

Benchmark tools for Rubyist

When in doubt test it! Sometimes in the development process you might find yourself with the need to know if a component is performing better or worse, there are couple ways to get that information, one is through run benchmarks and you could do it from server side handling it as another test within your suite, or you can test the response times on your app with some external tools to get a better profile.

Speed things up with Go

Hello World Again

Hi! everyone I am Luis and I am always trying something new, on this ocation I found myself with a terrible web presence so I decided to build a personal site aka blog. It might be a little bit late to do that but here I am making more noise on the internet.

Oauth Tips

As all we know oauth its one of the most popular methods to signup to many websites throught another 3rd patry services, and at this point probably you should know how to implement with omniauth gem. But many times we encounter some problems durning the development of this fancy feature. Here are my recomendations