Programming Languages

5 reasons I move form X to Y programming language?

These days there is the a trend of experienced developers leaving X programming language to move to Y, but why is this happening? Is X awful? Is Y the future? The answers is simple, personal preferences. Here in this article, I try to expose some of the wrong reasons you shouldn’t consider moving to another programming language where most of your current experience and knowledge is useless, and you will start almost from zero.

Lessons Learned from a computer graphics background

The dream from almost all computer nerd is to make his own video game, unfortunately this goal is harder than we though. It turns that is not only required a computer science knowledge, but an additional amount of skills, from complex math to 3d modeling and game design. When I finished college, I realized that if I wanted to build a video game I will need to work with a big team to build a good one, or at least have some artistic gifts(which I don’t have).